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Visitors have ever heard of the garlic on Ly Son Vietnam, each of which is smell through the fragrance of agricultural special of the garlic cloves are small, round, white shell, of this place, as well as processing the food court delicious from it. So you know The Paint is not only famous for garlic which is also famous for the scenic beauty hard to describe? Please follow me to the island district of Ly Son. The Paint, previously known as cù lao Ré, which according to the interpretation of folk is “isles have more trees Ré”. Is the district's only island, Quang Ngai, located to the northeast from the mainland 15 knots. The island is the remains of a volcano with 5 mouth, is formed by this 25-30 million years. And does this still leave traces with the lava challenge has cooled on the cliffs. Island consists of 2 islands: Big island (Ly Son, or call Cu Lao Ré), the island (islet Beach) in the North island, and the Blind Granny on the East side of the Big island. From gate The Paint turn left, go along the small road winding will see a stone arch located on the beach, that is archway. Archway is a “surround gate” of stone about 2.5 m looks breathtaking, flanked by two blocks of lava big challenge is connected by a strip of stone, creating a gap in between. On each evening, the setting sun gradually down, then fall into the void air, make a spectacle extremely new weird, magical, the sun as locked up in archway. The beauty of the portal is the work of the creator, absolutely no the impact of human hands. Falling archway out to the sea in the Island. There is a fairly small area, but Island Baby The Son owns a beautiful beach with the smooth white sand, sea water green jade murmur romp in the sand and the lava cliffs great surround, which is beach first. To the Beach First, in the summer months sweltering, enjoy the sky, sea and sun, take a dip in the sea water cooling, as well as participate in camping activities. Next to the Beach, First is the green coconut-shaded - an ideal place for organizing overnight camping. If you don't want to spend the night at the beach, you can apply to stay thanks to style homestay in the people to delight in bathing, snorkeling...
After the delight of bathing in island baby, come to An Hai Commune the Big Island, to the mountain Thoi Gimmick, will see a Cave right under the foot of the mountain. The cave is the result worn, gouged deep into the rock of the waves and wind sea for thousands of years. In the Cave The next frame, with majestic views towards the mountains, with the rock stood jutting out towards the sea is the tincture of the stone flat, covered with a layer of green moss date night frolicking with the waves. The scenery here is quite primitive but no less poetic.
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Follow the road up top Thoi Gimmick is the national flag be the start of construction from the date of 4/5/2013. The flagpole has a height of 20 m, the imperial head flag and nail the flag pole was built from reinforced concrete, face toward the Paracel islands. Stand by the flag pole, overlooking the sea will make people's hearts caress sense of pride about the river country, as well as love the island country more intense than ever. To commune An hai, can't come to the Temple Cave (font name is the Giant Jelly Order and Temple of the sun stone). The temple was founded in the reign of king Le kinh Tong by mr. Tran Cong Thanh, the one who was in this building along with the reclamation, open land village, An Hai, An Vinh ancient. To before the temple, a Buddha statue, is located in the lotus pond in tranquility makes air add the static. Around the yard is the tree, eagle beach; to hundreds of years. Go deep into the temple, will see the hang, 24 m, the cave ceiling height of 3.2 m, area of 480 m2. In the limited space that the ancients took advantage of the stalactites natural to arrange a place of worship. In the middle of the cave there lay the altar Tam the Buddha is Buddha A-di-momentum Buddha tathagata and Buddha Di-lac. The left altar, Three the Buddha altar, the patriarch Reached-the ghost with the wooden lacquer gilded on it specifies “worship Western Eastern The calendar the patriarchs chi linh taste”; on the right, a statue of The Related Rated and Brand stand virtually. On the right side of the cave set three altar, is the altar 12 the pluto, the altar of the unit under the Ceiling, black altar Wednesday 3 church 7 settlers founded the village of An Hai.
On the left side of the cave there are also arranged three altars, each altar in the altar Bishop, Son, next to the altar of Team Fouls, and next to it is the altar of Money current. Into the temple burn incense in the incense and on the top is buddha create scenery open the virtual as into the cave, it's interesting to know how. Come to Ly son on October 12 you can participate in harvesting the garlic. Ly Son garlic is planted from October 8,9 and harvested at the beginning of month 12 to end of the year. On the field, the sand stretches are the garlic green eyes. Soil plus wind with salty sea has brought to Ly Son garlic a special taste, not at anywhere. Above is the beautiful scene, famous in the Island District of Ly Son, but also a lot of things here waiting for you to discover as about the food and the festivities.

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