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Please describe below what type of training you are requesting. Be as specific as possible. Include the platform (windows or mac) and the software you want to learn.

When you learn a new language, all your senses should wake up as well as your most creative part. That's why it's good to try and think of new techniques that can help you learn. Of course, you should study the new vocabulary and put into practice everything you have learned in EF English Live online English classes or in English classes at EF English Centers. But in addition to this, there are other ways to enrich the learning process.

For example, listening to music in English will undoubtedly increase your understanding of the language.
Music in English will improve your listening comprehension and increase vocabulary. It even helps you with pronunciation in English . Listening to the lyrics, you are exposed to new words in English.

You can listen to music in English all day, every day. The key is to listen to as many songs as possible each day.

And do not forget to sing! Yes, that is, while listening to the songs, try to open your mouth and sing. When trying to imitate the sounds, your language gets used to the English sounds, which means that you improve your pronunciation.

When would you like to receive the training? How much time do you have to train?

Go out, listen to music in English and try it right now! Put English music in the background while doing other things. Soon you will realize that you are sung ... in English!

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