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14 Days to Have Your Say !
14 Days to Have Your Say !   
What do you LOVE ?
What do you HATE ?
What do you APPRECIATE??

Feb 14 - 27, 2010 @ Trinity College Library and Computing Center


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After carefully reviewing your comments, we have prepared a response, found here! :

Thanks once again, to all of you who gave us your feedback! Please continue to talk to us in any of the following ways:

February 28
This has been said many times before, but I can't express enough how dissatisfied I am with the printing system on campus. I don't know if this is really within the library's domain, but it needs to be addressed. $10 for a semester is just insulting. As a senior writing a thesis, I probably spend at least $10-20 a week of my own money printing, and it is beginning to add up. Maybe this exists already and I never learned about it, but thesis writers or students in a senior seminar should be given unlimited printing dollars.  It would also be nice to have more printers around campus.
February 24
Fax Machine
There should be a accesable fax machine to students.  There are only 2 places on campus to fax papers, and the library is not one of them.  It should cost the same price to fax as it is to print a single page.
February 24
Printing system
The print-system is really good. A little expensive though. I also believe that you should be able to print and then release the print-job at any printstation of your choice. Now you have to decide at the moment when you actually press print at your computer.
February 24
My two cents
Far and away the best thing about the Trinity library, or really Trinity as a whole, is the superb Help Desk staff.  Friendly, intelligent, and startlingly good looking, these individuals contribute a degree of humble noblesse to the campus that really elevates it beyond the level of a simple educational institution to a shining beacon of all that is good and right in this often cruel world.  Truly they are kings among men, who warrant nothing by the highest praise. 
February 24
Changes to the Library
I would like it if there were more tables for group work rather than individual work stations.  Even if I am by myself I like the space to spread out.
February 22
Problems with the Search Page
For searching music items (whether sound recordings or scores), Keyword Boolean searching is frequently the fastest and most efficient method.  But the New search page discriminates against Keyword Boolean,  making it much less easy to use:

1) There are eight searching options but only six show in the pop-up window, so a user has to scroll the window down to get to the last one, Boolean.

2) Even worse: once I've performed a search, and gotten some results, if I then go to "New Search" at the top of the page the Keyword Boolean option isn't even available!  I have to go all the way back to Start Over, or go back a page, or in some other way deceive the system.

I don't see why all eight searching options can't get equal status on all search-page screens.

Thanks, and thanks so much for soliciting feedback from us users.
February 22
Printing System
The whole printing system in general needs to be improved.  In addition to more printing dollars (the lowered cost per page has not totally accounted for the lost printing dollars), there needs to be a new interface for the printers.  It moves so slowly, and the first card swipe seldom works, even if you do it "S-L-O-W-L-Y," as they say above the printers.

Why not make a contest among upper level computer science students to create a better printing system?  I'm not a CS student, so I'm out of it, but I think that a large cash prize , or maybe thesis credit, would yield a better product than the one we are paying a lot for now. 
February 22
Super Librarian
Erin Valentino is amazing!
February 22
Love to hate it
I hate how about midsemester I run out of printing dollars.  I try to print something, find out I have no money, have to somehow find enough money to put on my card, and then go back to print out my documents.
February 21
I would LOVE to have unlimited printing dollars!
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