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14 Days to Have Your Say !
14 Days to Have Your Say !   
What do you LOVE ?
What do you HATE ?
What do you APPRECIATE??

Feb 14 - 27, 2010 @ Trinity College Library and Computing Center


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Raether LITC
14 Days to Have Your Say ! > Posts > PRINTING!!
February 28
This has been said many times before, but I can't express enough how dissatisfied I am with the printing system on campus. I don't know if this is really within the library's domain, but it needs to be addressed. $10 for a semester is just insulting. As a senior writing a thesis, I probably spend at least $10-20 a week of my own money printing, and it is beginning to add up. Maybe this exists already and I never learned about it, but thesis writers or students in a senior seminar should be given unlimited printing dollars.  It would also be nice to have more printers around campus.


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