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14 Days to Have Your Say !
14 Days to Have Your Say !   
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Feb 14 - 27, 2010 @ Trinity College Library and Computing Center


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Raether LITC
14 Days to Have Your Say ! > Posts > Problems with the Search Page
February 22
Problems with the Search Page
For searching music items (whether sound recordings or scores), Keyword Boolean searching is frequently the fastest and most efficient method.  But the New search page discriminates against Keyword Boolean,  making it much less easy to use:

1) There are eight searching options but only six show in the pop-up window, so a user has to scroll the window down to get to the last one, Boolean.

2) Even worse: once I've performed a search, and gotten some results, if I then go to "New Search" at the top of the page the Keyword Boolean option isn't even available!  I have to go all the way back to Start Over, or go back a page, or in some other way deceive the system.

I don't see why all eight searching options can't get equal status on all search-page screens.

Thanks, and thanks so much for soliciting feedback from us users.


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