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14 Days to Have Your Say !
14 Days to Have Your Say !   
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Feb 14 - 27, 2010 @ Trinity College Library and Computing Center


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Raether LITC
14 Days to Have Your Say ! > Posts > Printing System
February 22
Printing System
The whole printing system in general needs to be improved.  In addition to more printing dollars (the lowered cost per page has not totally accounted for the lost printing dollars), there needs to be a new interface for the printers.  It moves so slowly, and the first card swipe seldom works, even if you do it "S-L-O-W-L-Y," as they say above the printers.

Why not make a contest among upper level computer science students to create a better printing system?  I'm not a CS student, so I'm out of it, but I think that a large cash prize , or maybe thesis credit, would yield a better product than the one we are paying a lot for now. 


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