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14 Days to Have Your Say !
14 Days to Have Your Say !   
What do you LOVE ?
What do you HATE ?
What do you APPRECIATE??

Feb 14 - 27, 2010 @ Trinity College Library and Computing Center


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Raether LITC
14 Days to Have Your Say ! > Posts > Love hate
February 19
Love hate
Love - Media Collection!!! nice pretty architecture building, HD and compcenter staff!!!
Hate - Sometimes, the entrance is locked even in the afternoon, turnstile is super annoying, reading rooms taken by one person ... to sleep. Also I think it's a good idea to expand the interlibrary loan including multimedia in the database. Media room taken by people working on anything but movie-related 
Appreciate - all the employees that work here, reference, Helpdesk, Tech... Truly amazing.


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